Extracurricular Activities

ENPH is a highly social and closely knit group of well-rounded students, who often excel at a variety of activities from music to individual and team sports. With a class size of 60 students per year, ENPH students have the opportunity to get to know each other well, and work together in both team-based courses, and extracurricular engineering challenges.

  • UBC E-Racing, the Engineering Physics-based competition team dedicated to development of an electric vehicle to enter into local AutoCross races against gasoline-powered cars.
  • UBC Orbit, a team with a strong Engineering Physics contingent, entering into the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge, with the objective of designing and launching a small-scale satellite into earth orbit.
  • Team Snowstar and Team Tread, two previous competition teams with strong Engineering Physics backing both of which entered into NASA-sponsored competitions.

With access to state-of-the-art fabrication equipment including machine shop water-jet laser cutters capable of printing parts directly from computer drawings into wood, plastics, steel and other materials, as well as support from the Engineering Physics and Physics & Astronomy programs, Engineering Physics students do well in putting forward strong efforts in any competition imaginable.

Part of the legacy of ENPH is to provide areas for students – workspace is available in the Engphys Project Lab, and there is a penthouse study and social space comprising the entire top floor of the Hebb Building at UBC. Students gather here to study, relax, and participate in numerous social events.