Competition of the Robots! August 8 in the Hebb Theatre, UBC

The final exam of ENPH 253, The Robot Competition, will take place in the Hebb Theatre, 2045 East Mall, on Thursday, August 8.  Arrive at 9:45 a.m.

The competition this year is Overcooked.

Each team must build two robots to cooperatively tackle rapid cooking challenges. Follow the recipes to make salads, burgers and French fries as fast as possible.

Robots will need to pick up ingredients, chop them, cook them if necessary, and then assemble and plate them to satisfy your hungry customers. The winning robots will almost certainly cooperate well in handing things off to each other to be the fastest kitchen crew of summer 2024!

The Rules

Track surface – The competition surface is approximately 8 feet x 8 feet, containing multiple countertops that are 6” from the surface. The serving area is at the same level as the countertops and is joined to the countertop.

Robots must be designed to accommodate for imperfections and irregularities in the surface. The diagram above shows the most likely configuration of the surface (The final surface may not be identical to the diagram as shown).

There are black electrical tape paths and markers as shown to help the robots find food and cooking stations. Tape markers will be 10” long. The main tape is centered between the counters.

Start Areas – The robots will start at the marked end of each tape track, fully inside a 1’ x 18” start area that is centered on the tape. Robots can start in either orientation (18” longitudinal or 18” transverse).

Beacons – An infrared beacon identifies the service area, where plates with completed food must be delivered. This beacon will emit 1kHz infrared.

Recipes – Robots will need to make one or more of the following:

1) Salad: Pick up lettuce and tomato, put on plate, serve
2) Cheese plate: Pick-up cheese, put on plate, serve
2) French fries: Pick up potato, cut, cook, plate, serve (cut must proceed cooking)
3) Burger: Pick up meat, cook, put on bun, cover with bun, plate, serve
4) Cheeseburger: Same as burger but add cheese to meat after cooking
5) Deluxe Burger/Cheeseburger: Add tomato and lettuce.
5) Burger/Cheeseburger and Fries: Plate fries alongside a burger or cheeseburger.
6) Burger/Cheeseburger and Salad: Plate salad alongside a burger or cheeseburger.
7) Cheeseburger and Fries and Salad: Plate fries, salad and cheeseburger.

Each recipe must be served on its own (i.e you cannot serve two burgers or two salads on the same plate).