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Engineering Physics Staff Listing

In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, UBC staff are working remotely where possible.  Accordingly, if you would like to connect with our staff, please contact them by email rather than dropping by their office on campus as they may be working from home.

Name Title E-mail Office
Dr. Andre Marziali Director, Engineering Physics

Virtual office (by appointment):

Ms Eileen Campbell Program Administration, Academic Advising

Virtual office (by appointment):

Mr. Dylan Gunn Project Lab Director Hennings Building, Room 115
Mr. Miti Isbasescu Head of Software Systems Hennings Building, Room 115
Mr. Bernhard Zender Project Lab Student Support
phone 604 822-2961 Hennings Building, Room 115
Mr. Safder Raza Engineering Physics Co-op Co-ordinator
phone 604 822-1384 Chem/Phys Building, Room A107


“…while it may seem some parts of our city and society are ‘back to normal,’ the reality of the situation is that the university environment poses unique challenges when it comes to reducing transmission or risk faced by students, faculty and staff. Public transportation and mass intermingling of thousands of people on campus significantly increases the risk of transmission of this virus. We are tasked with protecting the safety of our faculty, staff and students …

The steps we are taking are intended to prevent the large outbreaks that we are seeing at other universities across the world.”

Dr. James Olson
Professor and Dean
UBC Faculty of Applied Science


Hennings Building
6224 Agricultural Road
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z1

Chem/Phys Building
6221 University Boulevard
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z1