Entry into the Program can be from one of several routes: after first year in the Faculties of Applied Science or Science at UBC, or from any recognized institution that provides feeder programs to UBC Engineering.

ENPH students all take an interdisciplinary set of core courses which are deeply rooted in math and physics, but include courses in a wide variety of engineering areas.

Numerous specializations are available within Engineering Physics, by appropriate choice of several technical electives. These include specializations in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Bioengineering, Biophysics, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics, Materials Engineering, Astronomy, and Technology Entrepreneurship among others. Technical electives for these specializations will be chosen from a list of relevant courses or by approval of the program director.

Specialization is only limited by the range of available courses, and can be tailored to suit each student’s specific goals.

Exchange programs with other world-class universities can be arranged through the UBC Go Global Office.

In addition, a Coordinated International Experience is available to replace one Co-op term taken during the student’s 4th year.  Courses are taught in English.  With preapproval from the Program Director, students will receive academic credits to replace an equal number of technical elective credits towards the BASC degree.

The completion of a B.A.Sc. degree in Engineering Physics will normally take five years.  Co-op work terms are built into this period as follows:

Year Term 1 Term 2 Summer
1 Applied Science Acad Acad Open
2 Engineering Physics Acad Coop #1 Acad
3 Engineering Physics Acad Acad Coop #2
4 Engineering Physics Coop #3 Acad Coop #4
5 Engineering Physics Acad Acad

More information about the Co-op Program is available by clicking on the “Co-op” tab at the top.