Online Exhibit and Q&A Event

Two Info Sessions for High School Students

In Person:  Saturday January 27th  |  UBC Forestry Building atrium (2424  Main  Mall)  |  10 am to 2 pm

Online: Monday February 12th  |  7:00 pm to 8:30 pm  on Zoom (details provided by email prior to event)

Please RSVP here by Sunday, January 21st for both events:

Info Session for First Year UBC Students

       Date and location:    February 1, 12 noon – 2 p.m. in Hennings 202.   In-person only.

About EngPhys:

Engineering Physics is a broad engineering degree with extra emphasis on physics and mathematics.  In addition to core engineering skills (mechanical, electrical, software), engineering physicists are equipped with a deep understanding of fundamental science and analytical methods to tackle challenges at the forefront of any field, from biotechnology and medicine to quantum computing, artificial intelligence, fusion energy, and aerospace, to provide just a few examples.

We believe our program, one of the most rigorous and challenging at the undergraduate level, will be of interest to the strongest math and science students, especially those who want to pursue careers in research, invention, and entrepreneurship.

Introduction [3:45] What is EngPhys? [1 hr]
Student Perspective [1:47] Advancement [1:28]
Capstone [1:28] Lab Tour [Playlist]

“I’m interested in physics, science, and math, but I also like building things?” What’s unique about the Engineering Physics program at UBC?
Engineering Physics is a perfect fit for those who want rigorous training in math and science but who also want practical, hands-on engineering skills.  It’s a broad engineering degree – with core courses in electrical, mechanical, and software engineering – combined with a math and physics degree.  EngPhys is meant for those who want to work at the cutting edge of technology.  Our graduates are innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs in new and emerging fields like quantum computing, biotech, robotics, and artificial intelligence.
  • We’re a small, tight-knit program with a strong and supportive culture.
  • We emphasize project-based learning and we have an intensive project course in each year – robotics (yr 2), machine learning (yr 3), and two senior capstone courses (yr 4&5).
  • We have have a dedicated “Project Lab” with three experienced staff who support our students and their projects full time.

From our students: Robots they made in second year. 

Florence And The Machine Veronica “The Bot” Corningstone
lalo Spectre
Frankenbot CALVIN

If you have any questions, you can contact us by email:

Program Director

Andre Marziali

EngPhys Projectlab

Dylan Gunn

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