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Best Design at HackPrinceton

Congratulations to Tiffany Quon, Owen Bulka, Sydney Seraphim and Cindy Zhang for first place in the Best Design category at HackPrinceton! “As a team of four Engineering Physics students, we attended HackPrinceton, an annual software and hardware design competition hosted by Princeton University. The hackathon took place over a brief 36 hour period during which […]

Detection of early stage cancer DNA

Detection of early stage cancer DNA

Prof. Marziali and his team have developed a blood test for early cancer detection by selectively concentrating mutated cancer DNA.    

Congratulations Jenny Yang! 3rd place in Best Poster Contribution, ICPS 2017, Turin, Italy

Congratulations Jenny Yang! 3rd place in Best Poster Contribution, ICPS 2017, Turin, Italy

Well done Jenny Yang for an excellent presentation to the International Conference of Physics Students August 7 – 14, 2017, in Turin, Italy on her research project at the Genome Sciences Centre: Identifying Functional Clusters of Genes from Energy Landscapes in Autoencoders for Personalized Therapy in Medicine (Jenny Yang, Jasleen Grewal, Steven Jones).  Abstract: “In […]

Kevin Multani receives funding for Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute workshop

May 14 – 19, 2017 “The workshop is an introduction to applied mathematical and statistical research in the area of Astronomy and Optimization. Kevin is currently enrolled in STAT 450 and will be working as an undergraduate summer research assistant (USRA) this summer with Statistics Assistant Professor Gaby Cohen-Freue. He is a 5th Year Engineering […]

L to R:  Abhilasha Gnawali (Sauder), Suzanne Liu (Sauder), Aftab Narsimhan (ELEC), Alex Toews (Eng.Phys), Armin Rezaiean-Asel (CPEN). Not pictured: Tristan Burgoyne (Sauder).

Congratulations Alex Toews and his New Venture Design team for 1st place at UBC’s Life Sciences Start-Up Competition!

Curios Labs wins first place with their wearable device, CheckPoint, which replaces a pain journal for chronic pain suffers. One click during an episode helps track and analyze pain symptoms for later reporting to their physician, easing the need for remembering and manually recording their pain experiences.