Kevin Multani receives funding for Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute workshop

May 14 – 19, 2017

“The workshop is an introduction to applied mathematical and statistical research in the area of Astronomy and Optimization. Kevin is currently enrolled in STAT 450 and will be working as an undergraduate summer research assistant (USRA) this summer with Statistics Assistant Professor Gaby Cohen-Freue. He is a 5th Year Engineering Physics student, with Electrical Engineering Specialization, with an Honours Math Minor. He is also in the Co-op program and expects to write an undergraduate thesis in Physics.”  UBC Department of Statistics news

Funding provided by SASMI and CANSSI.

“I was pleasantly surprised at the diversity of the attendees at the workshop. The backgrounds of the students ranged from civil engineering, to a double major in math and piano…This variety in background facilitates the sharing and cross-pollination of ideas from different fields, which I deeply appreciated.” – Kevin Multani,  Applied Science, Department of Engineering Physics, University of British Columbia – Vancouver, Canada

quote from samsi blog