MINT places 2nd in both categories at NeurotechX 2018 competition

Congratulations Engineering Physics students Giulio Sucar and Jessica Ma for a second place finish in both categories – the open challenge and the fixed challenge – of the NeurotechX 2018 competition!

L to R: Gabrielle Booth, Emily Weemees, Michele Mak, Patrick Coleman, Jessica Ma, Giulio Sucar, Bhaskar Yechuri, Allison Yao, Kristyn Lee, Tavia Walsh, Emma Gray, Carol Fu, Anthea Wong, Kevin Tang.

The team made an app that measures ADD biomarkers, aiming for an objective ADD / ADHD diagnostic, and built a full EEG acquisition system, Mentha 1.0.

3D printing of an OpenBCI headset, an open source EEG the team built to kick off their learning.

a little tower of MINT’s main tools – from bottom to top: MUSE headset for affordable EEG, T1 board for acquiring signals, a box of the circuits, the OPENBCI headset, the solder paste used on the circuit boards

Giulio: “I was surprised to see most of my degree being useful in our designs, and impressed by how far we could go in hardware, circuitry and software integration. Most importantly, we were putting all of those skills to use into useful things. We got to question what neuroscience could look like if it were patient-centric and affordable, and then we went and built it! As an engineer I’m proud of what we built, and as a person, I’m excited for what we haven’t yet done.”

First successful EEG acquisition – from left to right: Emily Weemees with the MUSE headset, Giulio Sucar with electrodes connecting to their first prototype board, Alis Xu manning the oscilloscope showing Giulio’s brain signal, Michael Halim and Tavia Walsh