The view from the Penthouse

The Engineering Physics Undergraduate Society, fondly referred to as “Fizz”, is the student society of Engineering Physics. The student executive plans all sorts of events, including barbeques, social nights, study sessions, and charity events. Most Fizz activities are held in the Penthouse, located on the top floor of the Hebb building. It is an ideal spot to relax, study, just hang out, enjoy the view and watch UBC’s midday hustle from a quiet vantage point.

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President Sharada Balaji
Vice-President Academic Michael Haaf
Treasurer  Akshiv Bansal
Board of Studies Rep Graham Beales
Grad Rep Darrick Lee
4th Year Rep Blaine Huynh
3rd Year Rep  Arjun Venkatesh
2nd Year Rep
Computer Overlord Sean Hayes
Sports Rep  Matt Grant
Penthouse Managers Theoren Goosney, Alex Toews
Pop god