Autonomous Sweeping Service Bot wins ENPH 253 Robot Competition

The ENPH 253 Robot Competition was held virtually this year.  Each individual team member created their own robot.  The winning team, pictured together, used the same workspace and course for the competition.

The competition theme was “Return Samples from Mars” with extra points if the robot used a sky crane intended to lower the robot to the surface of “Mars.”

Kevin Barr:  “This year we expected to each have a bot for competition, but our scores were added up in total over multiple runs for the competition, where we competed as a team.

We were able to win without the usage of a sky crane, only relying on points scored by our robots during the run.”

Winning team L to R: Kevin Barr, Mackenzie Mar, Ashli Forbes, Tristan Laughlin with their robots Autonomous Sweeping Service Bots