Information on applying for Engineering Physics

To apply for Engineering Physics for fall of 2023, we will ask you to submit a 5 min video version of your personal statement sometime in March, at the same time that you sign up for an in-person interview. Interviews will take place on April 28, May 1 and 2. We will only interview students who have received an email invitation from us or whose first term average, physics, and math averages are each > 80%. If you don’t meet these criteria, please do not sign up for an interview or submit a video.

Sometime around March 1, detailed admissions instructions, sign-up forms, and video submission instructions will become available on our website:

Please keep an eye on the website at that time. It is up to you to access this information in a timely way and to apply to the process in time. The videos and sign-up forms will be due in mid-March.

Please note that you must also follow the EAS 2nd year placement process, and rank Eng Phys 1st if you wish to be admitted.

Please attend the information session on January 26 at 12:30 in IBLC 261 if you have questions on this process.