Engineering Physics team wins Google Games

“Houston, We Have Lift Off!”

L to R Alexander Dale, Scott Lawson, Bardia Beigi, Ricky Hu, Ranesh Saha

Engineering Physics team SemperFizz wins Google Games University of British Columbia 2015 on May 2.

This years theme was “Out of this World.”   Events involved trivia, a building challenge, puzzles, word association and coding competitions.

Bardia:  “We really enjoyed this experience. It allowed us to put on our creative-thinking and problem-solving hats and have fun.

one of the competing teams from Computer Science

one of the competing teams from Computer Science








It focused primarily on problem-solving and creative thinking under time constraints and pressure. It was a truly amazing experience.”

Ranesh:  “It was a really fun and friendly environment. I had a blast. I would definitely want to do the competition again next year.”

Scott:  “I thought it was an interesting mix of programming, puzzles and even tower building.”

Alex:  “Our team was very well balanced and our EngPhys background allowed us to exceed in all challenges rather than just a few!”

Bardia:  “We are really proud of this achievement, first and foremost because of winning a Computer Science targeted and organized competition as an Engineering Physics team.”

Ricky:  “The games were a fun and challenging mental workout and we can’t wait to compete again next year!”

Google games team

Team SemperFizz (Always Fizz)